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What is a PPEC?

What is a PPEC?

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We are a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC), licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Here at G&D, we have created a friendly and welcoming environment that provides alternative-site healthcare services for medically complex, technologically-dependent, and behaviorally challenged children. 


  Our mission is to maintain the highest level of child and family wellness through our dedication to individualized, family-centered care in a safe nurturing, and progressive environment.

Our staff of board-certified pediatricians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and therapists are highly trained to provide each child with the highest quality of life. Our services are extended for patients ages birth to 21 and are widely accessible due to our multilingual and culturally diverse staff.​

   Every Child is unique, and as our motto, we want all of them to succeed to their fullest potential with our care and dedication.  

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Frequently Asked Question 

What is a PPEC?

Who Qualifies for PPEC Service

Why Our PPEC?

  • A PPEC is a center that provides nursing services and supports children with medical complexity for up to 12h a day.

  • It is a dependable and safe option for child care.

  • It is a team approach to care by combining trained caregivers and nurses to care for the child.

  • Any child who is currently having extended care at home will qualify for services at our center.

  • PPEC services are fully covered by Medicaid

  • There is no COST to parents  

  • Here at G&D PPEC our pediatric healthcare professionals are constantly watching and caring for your child this gives parents the option to go back to work or school with peace of mind

  • We strive on providing personalized care for each of our patient’s needs.

  •  Every child is unique and we want to help them succeed to their full potential and dedication.